Monday, 14 March 2011

Ticket To Ride. Beatles Isolated Tracks

Harmonies and Beatles melody: My housemate and I were doing some disecting, and were enjoying how Lennon and Mccartney harmonise at specific points to thicken vocal melody. Ticket to Ride was a perfect example, where Lennon is solo for half of each verse. This is what every Beatles fans best friend - Wikipedia has to say about he composition of the track:

Lennon proudly claimed that it was the first heavy metal song given the droning bassline, repeating drums, and loaded guitar lines.

The song features a coda with a different tempo that extends the song's length past three minutes, the first Beatles single ever to do so. Lennon said this double-time section (with the lyric "My baby don't care") was one of his "favourite bits" in the song.


  1. Oh dude i loved this song. sure it was way before my time but it was legit

  2. Man, im so mad that I was born way after the beatles.. They are one of my fave bands and I never got a chance (not even close) to seeing them live :(

    also, very nice video blog there man

  3. The beatles are gold! I'm born in 91 but I still listen to them regulary, just as the rolling stones, and U2. Exept U2 was a tad later, but whatever :P

  4. Man I love the Beatles too glad I found a fellow fan.

  5. great stuff, very enjoyable

  6. I love to hear this, but I have only a question :
    How did you get this.
    I hope you post more Beatle songs.

  7. Regarding the droning heavy metal concept that Lennon spoke of: The Rolling Stones' "The Last Time" charted a month or two before this and is far more heavy...and droning. This sounds sort of Byrds-ish by comparison. Nice breakdown of the vox and instruments, however.