Thursday, 10 March 2011

Oh! Darling. Beatles Isolated Tracks

Imagine my delight, when as a life long Beatles fan I found what was for me, their buried treasure. A pot of gold. The holy grail. I just love listening to all the little anomalies in Beatles records, especially with the help of What goes on - The Beatles anomalies list. With the recent remasters, this is now even more of a joy, my headphones and I have now made friends with each other once again. 

In annual renewal of enthusiasm for The Beatles, my housemate read the tome that is the Anthology. The book that accompanies the documentary series and of course, the records. In doing so, he learned that George Martin felt that the vocal harmonies on Oh! Darling were of the highest quality, though unfortunately, they suffered a little in the mix. My housemate set me a challenge to find the isolated tracks for this song. We wanted to hear the vocals without any guitar, bass or drums. We wanted to hear the guitar alone, then the drums, and then my favourite, Paul's bubbling bass. 

I spent a week of trawling. Then of course I found out that I only needed to spend an hour. The benefiet for you lucky people is that you will now have a blog, regularly updated that will display my findings, which include tons of isolated tracks, and fun Beatles Bootlegs. So to commence, the track that started this all off - Oh! Darling. Hold onto your hair. This is amazing.

Love Rob.


  1. well, you must really love the beatles lol :3

  2. Can you upload the songs in a share please??
    I want the songs with a good quality

  3. amazing stuff you got here
    keep up the good work; looking forward to hear some more isolated Beatles songs

    thanks for this blog, it really blows my mind to hear the Beatles on a different way

  4. The thing is... John said some years after that if he had sang it, he would have done it better, a better voice for this song... Wow, really, with all my Lennon respect, nobody else could have sang with such an angelical voice... Just took off mine... :o